"Schools spend a tremendous amount of effort providing students with the academic preparation they’ll need to be successful in our 21st century society.  Unfortunately, there’s very little time dedicated to applying this knowledge to real-life situations, especially as it relates to the ABC’s of personal finance.  For this reason, Randy Loren’s Climbing the Money Mountain is a must read for both parents and their children who are preparing to leave the nest.  In fact, the topics covered in his book should be included in every school’s economics curriculum, and mastery, a graduation requirement".
William J. Kemp, Retired High School Principal
"An excellent book on  financial literacy, covering relevant aspects such as smart investing, responsible credit, and ethics.  Great for young adults, but could enlighten people of all ages."
Brian King, Curriculum Specialist with Broward County Schools

"A must have book for every High School and College Student...The Chapters on Understanding Credit and Smart Investing will make you prepared for Long Term Financial Success. Should be taught in every High School and on every College campus in America"
Samatha Alford, College Student

"Climbing the Money Mountain is an exceptional educational model for proper spending habits for people of all ages. The lessons on investing, financing, and budgeting are crucial for anyone seeking finiancial stability. It addresses common errors people make in their spending and provides distinct ways to avoid them. This book is very well written and gives a detailed insight into the real economic world."

Thomas Bates, College Student


"Just because you have the money, does not mean you have too always spend it..Climbing The Money Mountain helped me learned the value of a dollar, and the value of saving"

David Barbour, College Student


 I think we ALL need a Money Smart Class - I read your Chapter in "Climbing the Money Mountain" on buying a car- and assured I got the best deal and saved money! So--thanks Randy - you rock!"

Patricia Smith