Weathering the Economic Storm
How Millennials can survive and thrive in uncertain times.

According to Loren, Millennials or people born between 1980 and 2000 may be better equipped to cope in a tough economy than their parents' generation. Why? Because they can learn from baby boomers' financial mistakes. He discusses:

  • The safest places to invest your money
  • Best career choices for young people
  • How education can keep you off the unemployment line
  • How to compete for jobs against people twice your age
  • How to plan for a comfortable retirement

Stealing Generation Y
Learn why young people are at greater risk of having their identities stolen.

Loren asks young audiences to raise their hands if they've ever shared an online password with a friend. Most of the hands go up. In the age of social networking, Generation Yers have a different relationship to privacy than their parents' did. Un-fortunately, identity thieves are well aware of this fact. Learn:

  • Six ways your personal information can get into the wrong hands
  • Short- and long-term consequences of having your identity stolen
  • How to develop ID safety habits that benefit you now and later in life when you're ready to buy a car or house
  • How being a victim of identity theft slows down your climb up the money mountain

Making the Most of Your First Career Job
Your financial success in life hinges on the work habits and attitudes you develop now.

Except for those who inherited great wealth, most prosperous people got that way by working hard and working smart. Loren shares tips for young adults at the begin-ning of their career, and discusses:

  • Why setting career goals -and writing them down- is essential for financial success
  • Six ways to get noticed and excel at a starter job
  • How to make yourself layoff proof
The Young Person's Guide to Saving and Investing
Learn how to make your money work for you.

Loren tells young people that they have something every middle-aged person needs, but can't have: plenty of time. He shows young adults how putting a small amount of money into a smart investment vehicle can really add up over the years. Learn:

  • How to ensure that you can live comfortably in old age
  • The first steps to building wealth
  • Best and worst places to invest your money
  • How to create a "cushion" for emergencies
  • Top mistakes investors make and how to avoid them

Negotiating Your Way to Wealth
Learn d life-long skill that will save you thousands.

One of the first lessons you will learn as an adult is that prices are rarely set in stone. From cars to computers, you can save hundreds by learning how to negotiate. The second lesson you will learn, says Loren, is that the dollars you don't spend are dollars you will have on hand for a rainy day. Find out:
  • Which goods and services have negotiable price tags
  • How to ask for a price that's fair
  • How to bring skills learned in school to the negotiating table
  • How to know when it's time to walk away
Budget Is Not a Four-Letter Word
Discover how d simple spreadsheet can change your future.

When young people hear the word budget, they think of deprivation, or doing with-out. Loren says when he shows young people that keeping track of spending can actually enable them to make a big-ticket purchase or sock away a nice sum each month, it's a real eye-opener. He explains:

  • How to use budgeting to set an impressive financial goal
  • The nuts and bolts of keeping a budget worksheet
  • Tricks and traps of goal setting and how a budget can help

Banking Basics for Young People
Learn why a bank may be your most important first relationship.

Most children think ATMs work like vending machines you put in a card and money pops out. However, when kids reach junior or senior year in high school, Loren says, they should know better. `This is the time for them to start a business re-lationship with a financial institution, such as their hometown bank. He discusses:

  • Six qualities to look for in a bank
  • How to balance a checking account and other banking basics
  • Long-term advantages of a good bank relationship
  • Five top mistakes young employees make
  • How ethics will shape your financial success
  • How to start saving for your retirement now