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Parents and Financial Literacy

Parents need to take the time to discuss financial literacy with their children. Children and young adults do have a desire to learn about how to spend wisely, and investing for their future. Parents need to set the example and reinforce the message to their children as they age. 


So take the month of October to discuss the many areas of personal finance with your children such as...


  • Investing for your future
  • The Good and Bad facts about Credit Cards 
  • How to Save Money when Buying a Car
  • Understanding Contracts
  • Buying or Renting a home
  • Time Value of Money
  • More Education = More Money
  • Volunteering will lead to increased Wealth
  • Avoiding Identity Theft
  • Pay yourself First


You will find that after the discussing Financial Literacy you and your child will learn something new about each other.






It's Time For Action on National Debt


 It's Time for Action, Not Politics on Reducing our National Debt.

Just ask Generation Y





Recently, I had the privilege to discuss current economic issues and to speak about my book, Climbing The Money Mountain to roughly 60 students and adults at a local school.  I always find it rewarding to discuss current issues and important messages that I cover in my book.  


Before I entered the room to speak, I decided to try something a bit different than usual by checking the current value of the United States National Debt.  When I first wrote my book, the National Debt was $11 Trillion Dollars. I thought it would be interesting to see how much the National Debt would grow during my one hour talk.



At the start, I asked the students how many knew that April was designated National Financial Literacy Month? The State of Florida has a Financial Literacy Council, as do many states.  The National Government has some 56 different programs on Financial Literacy among a number of different departments within the Federal Government.  But when I asked these educated students and adults this question, not one realized that it was Financial Literacy month.  



So when I told them that the current National Debt was nearly $17 Trillion Dollars, most were surprised. When I mentioned a little over an hour later that our National Debt had grown, while I was speaking, $150,000,000 (yes 150 million) more, there were gasps and jaws dropping in the room. I was even astounded, as I never looked at it that closely over such a short period.  We discussed how important it is that our nation’s leaders work together to deal with this very difficult decision to reduce our National Debt so that people, like all of them in the room, can pursue their dreams in the future without being burdened by high inflation and rising debt.



I believed we all learned something from our discussion that day.  Maybe our Congressional leaders can learn too.   

Visit www.FinancialLiteracyUniversity.com 

Importance of Teaching Our Children Financial Literacy
An article that appeared on the more4kids.info website...

There are times in my profession that I am blessed with the job of interviewing amazing people that are trying to do something incredible to help children and adults. This past week was one of those experiences. I was able to interview Mr. Randy Loren, author of the book Climbing the Money Mountain. This book, his mission really, is to make sure that each and every child in this country leaves high school with a certain level of financial literacy. Our children are the leaders of the future and if we do not equip them with the knowledge and skills they need to manage their lives how can we expect them to manage our country?